Dr. Carlos Saramago


GDC Number: 116264

Dr. Carlos Saramago graduated in Dentistry from the University of Porto (Portugal) in 2005 and has since developed a special interest in root canal treatment and treating nervous patients.

Dr. Carlos is passionate about his area of expertise and completed a Masters in Endodontics (2 years of post-graduate advanced training in root canals) at the International University of Catalonia (Barcelona).

Following his Masters, Dr. Carlos has been working as an Endodontist at several fully private dental practices since 2007. His work is based on referrals from his colleagues, who seek out his expert knowledge. He is used to dealing with very complex root canal treatments and utilises a dental microscope as well as all the latest techniques and equipment.

He is a good listener and a caring dentist and always believes in putting his patients concerns before their treatment needs.

Dr. Carlos likes to travel and always tries to do it according to the numerous International Endodontic Meetings. The American Academy of Endodontics Meeting it’s just his favourite… In his free time he loves to read, Kitesurfs whenever he has a chance but most importantly, he enjoys being with his daughter, Carlota.